Walking around Kyoto

Kyoto is a good city to walk around. It is a popular city for sightseeing. Hundreds of shrines and temples exist in Kyoto. This web site will offer information on mainly shrines and temples in Kyoto.

Kyoto is an ancient capital of Japan, therefore historical sites such as shrines and temples are well conserved in good conditions, while some are under repairing. For example, Yasaka tower has been standing for hundreds of years, so it has been the landmark tower around there for hundreds of years. Everyone can feel old days inside shrines and temples. Many old gardens have been there for hundreds of years, too. Traveling Kyoto is like time travel.

Entrance fee of shrines and temples are not expensive. It costs about the same as a cup of coffee. Historically, many temples were open to ordinary people who did not study Buddhism like priests. People took rest in shops around the gates of shrines and temples. People from far away slept in Ryokan. I think the situation has not changed until now.

Appearance of shrines and temples changes throughout a year because colors of trees in gardens will change. We can enjoy Kyoto in all seasons. Walking in shrines and temples will be an great experience you never forget.

Rental bicycle can be a good option. I do not think rental car is a good choice in Kyoto city.